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In the Caribbean Sea, cloudless blue skies blend seamlessly into azure waters, mountains teem with lush green foliage and unspoilt beaches offer stretches of soft white sand.

St. Barths may be known for its luxury shopping, fine dining and sophisticated nightlife, but its breathtaking natural beauty is why it remains one of the world’s most exclusive vacation destinations.

The island, originally called Ouanalao by the indigenous Arawak and Taino, was named after the brother of Christopher Columbus, the first European to encounter the land in 1493.

Since then, St. Barths has been colonized by the French, Spanish, Swedish and British, and their influences live on in the island’s architecture, culture and language.

The seed of tourism was planted in St. Barths in the late 1940s, when Dutch aviator Rémy de Haenen landed his plane at what is now Gustaf III Airport.

Hotels were developed starting in the 60s, and from there word spread about the island’s appeal. By the 1970s, St. Barths was known as a luxury vacation destination, attracting celebrities from around the world.

Today, St. Barths remains a destination for the world’s most powerful and influential minds, offering opportunities to connect with nature alongside luxury shopping, dining and nightlife. The Gustavia harbor is filled with impressive yachts and hosts renowned sailing events including the Bucket Regatta and Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille.

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